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NYU Students Reach Out to International Pen Spinning Community January 13, 2009

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Erica Swallow, JC (pen spinner), Josh Oh (video director and editor), Xero (pen spinner), and Daniel McCoy.

From left: Erica Swallow, JC (pen spinner), Josh Oh (video director and editor), Xero (pen spinner), and Daniel McCoy.

NYU students, Daniel McCoy and Erica Swallow, have created a line of promotional videos for Pentel Recycology called Spin the Pen, as part of a marketing competition hosted by Alloy Marketing and Pentel.  The videos feature expert pen spinners, Xero and JC, spinning and having fun with Pentel’s line of Recycology products.


Pentel has been historically recognized as an environmentally-friendly company, leading the way for controlling production pollution since 1974.  The creation of the Recycology program enhances their continued efforts to go green by promoting recycling and reducing waste during manufacturing.  All Recycology products are made with a minimum of minimum of 50%, and up to 100%, recycled content.  Recycology products offer the same high quality of performance and reliability that is found in other Pentel products.



Spin the Pen demonstrates a new approach to interacting with Pentel’s online audience through the creation of, a website dedicated to the Spin the Pen promotion.  The website hosts the entire line of promotional videos and pen spinning tutorials.  Links to Spin the Pen online communities on social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube are also available for visitors to join and spread the word. In such a little time, the videos have already received responses from pen spinners across the world, including spinners from France, Japan, Korea, Brazil, China and the United States.


View Spin the Pen videos on the Pentel Recycology YouTube channel:

Join the Pentel Recycology Facebook group:

Keep a look out for more to come from Pentel Recycology and Spin the Pen. For additional information on Spin the Pen, visit