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More from the Wall of Dreams November 30, 2007

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The second day of WIC’s Wall of Dreams was an absolute success.   It was so popular that contacts from NYU TV documented the event.  That video will be posted as soon as it is revealed.  For now, check out our home video- Go Tiffany Engsell!  Thank you to everyone who participated!



-Kristen Dolle


WIC’s ‘Dreams’ Campaign Debut November 29, 2007

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On November 28, Women in Communications kicked off their ‘Dreams’ campaign with the Wall of Dreams.  Inspired by WIC’s amazing semester and the end of school rush that members have just begun to suffer, WIC’s ‘Dreams’ campaign strives to bring joy and motivation for WIC members by celebrating the club’s accomplishments and providing uplifting messages to members each day. 


The campaign began with the Wall of Dreams, a stimulating creation designed to inspire and excite members.   Located in the lobby of Kimmel, WIC’s wall gloriously hung by the main staircase.  Below, WIC officers manned a table where students were asked to write their aspirations onto a colorful and creatively cut piece of paper, which they then posted to the wall.  The wall serves as a tool for students to remember what they are working towards and also inspires others to think about the good to come in their futures.   The wall will be hanging again today in Kimmel from 11:30-2:30pm.  Stop by if you can- WIC’s Wall of Dreams is so sassy, everyone should take part!


In addition to the wall, WIC will be sending members quotes from some of our favorite female heroines to encourage them to stay positive throughout these trying days and to take pride in being critically thinking women. 


The campaign will conclude with WIC’s final event, the Dream & Dine Dinner Commemoration.  Also signaling the end of the semester for WIC, Dream & Dine will celebrate the vast accomplishments of the club’s semester.  One of WIC’s first speakers, Mary Ellen Egan, Associate Editor and Chief of Reporters for Forbes Magazine, will be presenting a special reflection on her personal destiny and the possibilities abound in the futures of the members of WIC.  Food, music, and beautiful decorations will be in Kimmel, Room 912, December 6th from 7:45-9:30pm to spice up our final networking event of the semester.  Drinks are definitely to follow!























-Kristen Dolle


News From Around the Media World November 26, 2007

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Dove Viral Draws Heat from Critics

Advertising Age

The recent “Onslaught” is receiving major backlash from the media and viewers as hypocritical.

FCC Chief Seeks Votes to Tighten Cable Rules

The New York Times

The head of the FCC is struggling to find enough support from a majority of the agency’s commissioners to regulate cable television companies more tightly.

ABC News and Facebook in Joint Effort to Bring Viewers Closer to Political Coverage

The New York Times

ABC News and Facebook have formally established a partnership — the site’s first with a news organization — that allows Facebook members to electronically follow ABC reporters, view reports and video and participate in polls and debates, all within a new “U.S. Politics” category.

                                                                      -Tiffany Chang


When It’s Cold Outside… November 20, 2007

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The dry wind of NYC’s bitter winters presents a tricky challenge: how to maintain our style while staying warm. You don’t need to submit to swimming in a Northface fleece and three scarves- by choosing your winter coat carefully, you will be able to stay fashion forward while bravely facing the arctic weather.







Shorter jackets are typically more fashionable than warm, but there are some that are both cute and functional. This plaid, wool coat from Delia’s has a large, faux fur- trimmed hood that will keep your face and neck insulated. Short coats also tend to be much more affordable than long coats. This one goes for $69.50—a great deal for those who are on a budget and want something cute and rustic.












A long, black coat preserves the look of the sophisticated urban trench, while protecting your body from frigid temperatures. It’s great for any outfit, especially for a dress with stockings, as it covers half of your legs. This formal look is only $98.00 at Nordstrom or











If you are looking for something less conventional, this chic houndstooth pattern from Nordstrom will definitely give you a unique appeal. Its high collar and long length will shield you from the wind. This coat is $128 at Nordstrom.




And how to stay the warmest of all? Donate your old coats to those in need. There are plenty of homeless people that desperately need protection from the cold. Your generosity would be appreciated more than you can ever know. For more information on where to drop off these coats, visit NY Cares


– Tara Andres


Shop and Never Drop November 15, 2007

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Now that the temperature has dropped, we’re feeling less and less inclined to step outside and brave the cold. So when we’re in need of some retail therapy, we half-heartedly reach for our wool coats… and then we remember. It’s the 21st century, baby! Why suffer the chill when you can indulge that shopping addiction from the comfort of your own home? Here we reveal some of our favorite online shopping destinations that will keep you warm all winter long. 



Unique, quirky-cool, and inexpensive… what more could a girl ask for? Featuring everything from clothing and accessories to stocking stuffers, this site is great for finding that one-of-a-kind gift that doesn’t break the budget. watches-new.jpg



We love:
Improve your Japanese and never be late again! These Japanese talking watches ($20.00) tell you the time in their native tongue. Plus, they come in the coolest pops of color.





day-lab-logo.jpg offers distinctive jewelry, accessories, paper goods, and novelties. This site runs the gamut from the mainstream (xxxx) to the exclusive (a single vintage Oscar de la Renta scarf for $12.00). One click takes you from faux leather bags reminiscent of the Dior saddle bag to delicately-wrought snowflake earrings.       


We love:
These solid gold initial necklaces ($20.00) have a fantastic vintage vibe, but are still somehow so of-the-moment.





We hate it when we see something irresistible, but impossibly unaffordable in the 5th Avenue windows. That’s when we turn to, the website which touts itself as “the ultimate hook-up for the fashion obsessed.” Heavily discounted designer clothing, as well as reasonably priced apparel from smaller labels lure us back every time.



We love:
This Romeo & Juliet Couture geometric charmeuse bubble hem dress ($93) is sleek and chic without being winter-drab. The best part? You save more than 40% off of the original retail price of $155.





-Jill Voon


‘American Gangster’ Delivers November 13, 2007

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gangster1.png“The man I worked for had one of the biggest companies in New York City. He didn’t own his own company. White man owned it, so they owned him. Nobody owns me, though,” explains Frank Lucas, officially cementing his place as one hell of an on-screen villain in American Gangster. Frank Lucas, played by a fiery Denzel Washington, is a 1970’s drug dealer who smuggles extremely potent heroin into the U.S. from Thailand, often by using the caskets of dead Vietnam soldiers to ensure a safe delivery. He supplies all of Harlem with his “Blue Magic,” while gracefully rising through the power ranks of New York by gaining the support of family, friends, junkies, and crooked cops. Of the very few straight cops determined to take Lucas down, we meet Richie Roberts, played by a magnetic Russel Crowe. Not since 12 years ago in the thriller “Virtuosity” have Crowe and Denzel proved to be such an enigmatic screen team. But once again, they affirm their presence as an intense duo, so captivating that it seems nearly impossible for audiences to be disappointed with this remarkable crime drama.

Directed by Riley Scott, the man who brought us Gladiator and Hannibal, this is a film that will surely claim a prime location on the DVD shelf right next to similarly gripping films like The Godfather and Scarface. There is never a minute when you’re bored or unmoved; every scene sparks with pure action-packed electricity. The picture takes you through a seductive world of drugs and crime that will only leave you wanting more. I sat on the edge of my chair the whole time, in awe of a simply flawless film that has already earned itself a fair amount of Oscar buzz. With any indication, this film is definitely worth seeing ASAP. Whether it is drugs or cinema satisfaction, American Gangster will surely deliver.


 –Ali Feinstein


Can Anyone Really Be No Impact? One Man Shows NYU How It’s Done

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“I’m just a liberal schlub who all of a sudden snapped,” said Colin Beavan, a.k.a. No Impact Man, as he opened his talk at Cooper Union’s Great Hall Monday, the culmination of a week of environmental activities sponsored by NYU’s Bronfman Center.

blog-no-man.jpgBeavan must have snapped pretty hard, as what he decided to do involved a complete overhaul of the way he (and his wife and daughter) lives his life – he resolved to have no impact on the environment whatsoever. Naysayers told him it couldn’t be done, while some posts on his blog suggested the best way to have no impact would be for him to commit suicide. Still, by Beavan’s completely unscientific calculations, he figured if he reduced his negative impact and increased his positive impact that would leave no net impact on the environment.

The way Beavan went about doing that incorporated everything from buying only local food at the city’s greenmarkets to getting electricity solely from solar panels on the roof of his building to not creating any waste whatsoever. If that sounds extreme, it was. Beavan joked that his wife had no idea what she was getting herself into, but also conceded, “This is how I earn my living. I know not everyone can do this.” (He’s a writer and is currently working on a book about his experiences.)

Not surprisingly, Beavan’s experiment has gotten a lot of press attention, an overall positive thing he thinks because it draws attention to the environmental problems our society faces. He hasn’t enjoyed all the publicity, however – thanks to an article that appeared in the New York Times, Beavan is known as “the guy who doesn’t use toilet paper.”

One of the best parts about the experience for Beavan has been riding his three-wheeled bike around the city. His two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Isabelle likes it too. “If you happen to pull up to us at a traffic light and yell out the window, ‘Nice bike,’” Beavan said, “Isabella will yell back acerbically, ‘It’s not a bike, it’s a rickshaw!’”

There have also been downsides. “Having one solar panel and not having very much light and the sun going down at 4:30 – this is one part of the project that has not made us happier,” said Beavan.


Beavan said his involvement with the Bronfman Center’s Footprint Forward program has helped him get back to the larger purpose of his project. “They’ve reminded me of the importance of community in this whole thing,” he said. According to Beavan, a breakdown in a sense of community has contributed immensely to our destruction of the environment. Without it, he said, we rely on our culture of consumption to fill the void and have no sense of accountability towards others.

As for the project as a whole and what he has gotten out of it, Beavan said, “I didn’t feel like I was saving the world, but I did feel like I was doing something.”

For more on Colin Beavan and his experiences, visit

-Liz Webber