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Everyone Loves a ‘Fat Cat’ October 25, 2008

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Surrounding the NYU campus area lays an abundance of restaurants, lounges, and fun hang out spots for the average student. Walking down West 4th Street, and entering the Christopher Street rotary, one comes face to face with the Fat Cat Bar, an underground lounge with live music every night and a number of activities to choose from.

To enter, one must be 18 or over. The bouncer stamps your hand as you walk down the three flights of stairs, setting foot on the red carpet of the underground fun-spot. The lounge is occupied by party goers of the west village, or from the local area, who attend the Fat Cat in an effort to relax, play games, engage with friends and listen to the eclectic sound of jazz and funk. A party goer could sit on the couch with friends, drinking and catching up, or they could engage in games such as checkers, chess, and backgammon, free of charge.

In the back area of the lounge are a series of ping-pong table,s separated by hanging nets so as to induce the feeling of privacy between tables. The line is usually short to play, and one can engage in a game with stranger opponents or with their friends. It’s a great way to socialize and stand up and be active in such a relaxing, sensual place.

One’s experience at the Fat Cat is only heightened due to the live music, every night. Schedule there during the week are a number of local jazz bands, bringing in instruments, such as the cello and the bass. Late night, party goers can go up to the microphone and give the audience a sampling of their talent, providing both entertainment and personal acknowledgement.

The dark room, the jazzy music, the smell of candles and underground bliss are what makes the Fat Cat a place worth going to. Located at 75 Christopher Street and 7th Avenue, the Fat Cat is so distinct in what it has to offer and the types of people that it attracts. At NYU, one is familiar with diversity. If you would like to experience this diversity outside of campus life, in an interactive and spiritual place, the Fat Cat is the place for you. After all, everyone loves a ‘Fat Cat’.

                                                                               – Rebecca Cianci