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Liz Kreutz at NBC’s “Today in New York” September 4, 2010

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Hey Everyone!

Welcome Week is coming to a close and school starts next week! To wrap up our fabulous Summer Features, here is a little something from Liz Kreutz who spent her summer interning at WNBC’s morning show, “Today in New York.” I’m looking forward to meeting you all at our events this year! Enjoy!

– Andrea


Liz Kreutz


Majors: Broadcast Journalism and Media, Culture, and Communications

Internship: WNBC “Today in New York”

Hi all! The countdown has begun to the start of school and so I hope everyone is enjoying their final days of summer. I’m currently writing this from my favorite little coffee shop in my hometown of San Diego where I’m spending the week chilling out after a busy summer interning and working in New York.

This break is definitely much needed…most of my summer hasn’t been anything close to a So-Cal vacation. Starting in May until about a week ago I was interning at NBC for the morning news show, “Today in New York,” or as I like to describe it, the morning show before the TODAY show. So yes, that did mean early, early mornings—I had a wake-up call of 4am everyday—and a pretty low-key social life. But regardless of the constant delirious state I found myself in all summer (I definitely mastered the ‘power nap’) the internship was well worth the early hours.

Absolutely no day at this internship was ever the same. For instance one day there was a shoot and I found myself on the 16th floor of the Hearst building for an interview with an editor at Harper’s Bazaar; another day a car picked me up at 3am to take me to a junk yard in Brooklyn to shoot an early morning segment on the NYC dumpster pools. And then there were Fridays when I would go down to the TODAY show for their summer concert series and help our traffic reporter get the traffic reports so she could go live from the Plaza—where usually Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber fans would be screaming, or rather crying of joy, behind her.

But not all days were that glamorous. Most hours were spent writing scripts for the news show and scripts for their features reporter, Cat Greenleaf, that were then aired in gas pumps around the country (which even my mom back in California actually saw while getting gas!), as well as logging scripts and doing research.

A major highlight of my internship though was recording my anchor reel at the news desk. Since I do want to be an on-air reporter, after this summer of early hours and hard work, it was so rewarding to be able to leave with something to show for it. All of the people in the office were so supportive while I filmed my reel—the main anchor of the show, Darlene Rodriguez, sat in the control room giving me pointers; Greg Campbell, my producer, helped me pick my news stories and proof-read my scripts; the stylists did my hair and make-up (and in case you’re wondering, they do CAKE it on!) and the stage manager and sound guys were at my side directing me when to go.

When I was sitting there at the anchor desk, the main thing I realized at that moment is how it truly takes an incredible team of people to create a good show. I’m so lucky to have had my first experience in a newsroom be with such creative and encouraging people.  And as far as internships ago, WNBC is a fantastic place to get hands on experience in a local show, while surrounded by literally the best in the industry.

Overall, it’s been an incredible summer professionally—I’ve grown so much as a journalist and as a ‘New Yorker’ (I finally moved in to my own apartment in the East Village!). And if there are two things I’ve learned…it’s the importance of hard work and a good attitude, and most importantly, to always, always be nice to the camera guys.


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