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Summer Feature: Sarah Chen at the World Expo August 23, 2010

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Sarah Chen

College of Arts and Science

Class of 2013

HI to all! Greetings from Shanghai, China! I hope that everyone is doing well in this Summer, and staying cool in this heat! My Summer is going on pretty well so far, as it is always exciting for me to be home. Right now, I am working as a volunteer at Shanghai World EXPO, one of the greatest events over the world. For my volunteer job, I do not belong to any particular pavilion, but mainly assist the on-site events all over the site, and contacting the media at the same time. In July, we have the Folkway series, which are designed to promote national culture, interpret folkways and customs as well as show folk arts; the Youthful Expo series, which feature the theme of Expo 2010, guiding global trends of fashion; and the Community series, which show the unique culture of Shanghai communities and the harmonious interaction between the urban communities in Shanghai. It is really fun to be on site, as all the events could function in a fantastic way to bring young people around the world together to exchange and share ideas as well as express their future dreams via the platform of the Expo. In the past two months, I worked four days a week, sometimes starting early in the morning, and sometimes ending late in night, which depends on the event time. And I also work to contact the media in the city, which really brings diversity to my Summer time. There are still two weeks of work waiting for me, and I will be back in NYC in early September. I will be the Treasurer on the board of WIC this year, and I am already looking forward to all our programs and events in this coming year! So…hope to see you all soon in September after I suffer this extreme hot weather in Shanghai! And enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Best regards,



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