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WIC Summer Feature: Jess Samson with Love from Paris August 9, 2010

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Hey everyone! We’re continuing our WIC Summer Features with a post from Jessica Ann Samson, WIC’s head of Advertising. She’s spending her summer in Paris right now (aren’t we all uber jealous?). Read all about her love affair with the City of Romance in this post. And remember, we want summer features from everyone so if you’d like to share your fabulous summer with us, feel free to shoot an e-mail to

Peace and Love,



Name: Jessica Ann Samson
Major: Media, Culture, and Communications
Year: Junior, 2012

Hello hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as we count down the days until we all head back to the city. Am I the only one that thinks summer goes by way too fast? It’s almost ridiculous how fast time flies.

Well, my first six weeks out of school were definitely spent vegging out after a jam packed Spring semester-18 credits, extra-curricular activities including WIC, interning at Cosmetic Executive Women, and still trying to find time for a social life. So after Spring semester, I definitely just needed time to relax at home, catch up with old friends, work for my aunt’s smoothie franchise (Maui Wowi hey!) and do the normal family barbeque, beach day, stay up til 4AM wake up at noon type of thing.

HOWEVER, I am currently writing this little blurb from the library at NYU en France. I’m doing the NYU Summer Abroad program and taking eight credits abroad in Paris this summer; I’m taking a French cinema class and an art history class (and believe me, I am such a noob to art). It’s definitely interesting to see how movies and the arts as media reflect French history and society. Since this is my first time in Europe and travelling abroad by myself, I really did not know what to expect. Surprisingly, however, I find myself cheating on New York a bit and falling in love with Paris.

Paris is absolutely gorgeous. The museums, the monuments, the people, the FOOD-everything is more than I expected. I wake up every morning, grab a piece of a baguette, go to class, and just have time for myself to explore this amazing city. Touristy things like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are definitely a must thing to do, but it’s the things that I’ve discovered myself-like finding my favorite patisserie and going out and meeting new people-that really make me feel like I’m a part of this city.

If anyone is interested in studying in Paris or needs a few tips and recommendations about this gorgeous city just let me know! I definitely recommend it, I’ve learned so much in these almost six weeks and I know I’ll be sad to say goodbye. It’s okay though, I’ll be reuniting with my first love, New York, soon. =)

Au revoir mes amis!


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