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Summer Feature: Martina Lee at the Movies August 1, 2010

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Hello, hello WICers! Martina here, and I am so excited to be your new president for the upcoming school year. By way of introduction, I’m a rising junior in Steinhardt’s Media, Culture, and Communications program with a specialization in entertainment business. I’ve been participating in WIC since freshman year, so I hope to use that experience and collaboration with the lovely ladies of the board to bring you lots of great events this year.

I must say it is quite nice to step back, breathe, and recharge a little this summer after having spent a very eventful spring semester abroad. Aside from a couple of days interning in the city, I have been doing a lot of hanging out at home in New Jersey and preparing for another year at NYU.

First things first. I secured my internship at Scott Rudin Productions before I left for Florence. It’s the film and theater development office of Mr. Scott Rudin, one of the most noted and successful producers in the industry. His credits include everything from Doubt, Closer, and Revolutionary Road, to Zoolander and School of Rock, as well as many incredible theatrical productions – most recently, the Tony-award winning Fences starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. No big deal. Being in such an office is a really great opportunity because you get a glimpse into the industry from the highest levels. Granted, as an intern, you get that glimpse only briefly between scanning books, binding scripts, running errands, and compiling research, but it’s a valuable experience nonetheless. A lot of the work done in the office is development – which essentially means a LOT of reading. A lot. The books, scripts, and plays to be read for potential productions are endless. And then after they find a project they want to pursue, there is a ton more work to be done before the cameras ever roll. The script goes through numerous drafts; the director, cast, crew, etc, all have to be assembled; all the details have to be ironed out…this stage is where things occasionally don’t work out – what is sometimes called “developmental hell”.

In short, making a movie is big undertaking and there is much, much more to it than actual production. All very exciting stuff. Even though I’m not sure that development is ultimately my calling, this internship was definitely a worthwhile experience to have.

Another exciting part of my summer has been signing up with a casting agency for background actors (aka extras). It’s my part-time job substitute, as well as a cool introduction to a working set. My first job was on an episode of Law and Order: SVU, so look for me milling in the background this fall when it premieres!

I hope everyone is having as fun a summer as I am, but don’t forget that the semester is coming up more quickly than you may realize. Something to think about now is starting the hunt for that amazing internship for the fall. A lot of companies have put up their call for interns already, so don’t forget to polish up your resume and cover letter and send it on over.

That’s all from me for now. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall!



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