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WIC Summer Feature: Andrea Lontoc in the Newsroom July 16, 2010

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Hope everyone is having a great summer whether you’re taking a much-deserved break, pursuing an internship, taking a few summer classes, or working. Our new board at WIC is hard at work cooking up another exciting year beginning this fall, so get ready! Meanwhile, we wanted to roll out a summer feature on Lit Up to introduce ourselves a little and give a glimpse as to what we’re up to this summer. First we’ll hear from our new vice president, Andrea Lontoc. Of course, this is open for submissions as well, so if you’d like to share your summer activities, feel free to send your piece on over to .Without further ado, here’s Andrea!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!



Name: Andrea Lontoc
Major: Media, Culture, and Communications
Year: Senior, 2011

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your summer break so far 🙂 My summer has been incredibly busy – I’m interning full time at PIX11. It’s the station affiliate for the CW, so home of Gossip Girl, Top Model, etc. But I’m actually interning in the Newsroom – a completely different story.The Intern Program in the News department involves three shifts: 9am-5pm, 2am-10am (for the Morning News Show), and 3pm-11pm (for the News at Ten). We spend about 3-4 weeks on each rotation so that we get the full understanding of how a newsroom works. It’s crazy, I know.

However, the crazy hours are all worth it because PIX does an incredible job with their internship program, allowing interns to take on responsibilities that most new stations wouldn’t. I’ve gone out with reporters several times and shadowed them on their stories, I’ve gone out on stories on my own (with just a cameraman) and field produced for local events, press conferences with politicians, and even stakeouts on breaking news stories like drownings or car accidents. Along with that, I’ve sat with assignment editors at the Newsdesk, taking calls, screening pitches, and looking on line for other breaking news stories. This was all during the month of June, when I was on the 9-5 shift.

I’m currently on the Morning Show, which is why I’m writing this at 3 in the morning! This show has been a lot of fun – the people are hilarious and really nice. There are a lot more lifestyle features and the occasional celebrity guests. I’ve said good morning to vampire mama Esme from the Twilight Saga, and newborn army creator Riley from Eclipse (can you tell I’m a lame Twihard?) And yesterday I chit chatted with Molly Sims about how bad our complimentary coffee is! I’ve only been on this show for a week, but it’s been a lot of fun. In August, I’ll be switching to the PM show which involves a lot more hard news. I’m hoping to be able to put a reel together of me on camera, so we’ll see how that goes.

If anyone is interested in interning here, you should definitely reach out to me. I’m VP of WIC so if you want my insider advice, I’m expecting you to come out to our programs first – no i’m totally kidding. If you want to know more, feel free to shoot me an email. But you should also come out to our programs – we’re definitely going to have an amazing year!

Peace and Hair Grease,


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