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Over-The-Knee Boot Round Up September 29, 2009

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By Alix Turoff

Some may say leather is my middle name. My father once commented that the only thing I need is a leather bag to go over my head and my look would be complete. I romp around Washington Square park in my leather motorcycle jacket, I hit the town in strapless leather dresses and I walk the stairs to the tents of Bryant Park Fashion week in Jeffrey Campbell’s Opening Ceremony inspired leather cut-out wedges.

With the strange not-quite-summer but definitely not fall weather, I’ve had a dilemma getting dressed in the morning. I’m not ready to put away the Kain tanktops or breezy summer dresses but I can’t wait to start working some of this fall’s trends. So, I came up with an alternative: I would pair my newly purchased over-the-knee boots (Wanted’s Babel Black $99- A steal when compared with similar styles) with all the summer clothes that I’m not quite ready to part with.

Okay, so I “die’ over Taylor’s Stella McCartney thigh-highs that she pairs with everything on the Rachel Zoe Report but let’s be honest, an unpaid intern can’t really afford a pair of $1500 boots so instead I did what I do best: bargain hunted.

Here are some of my favorite picks to fit every budget:
STEAL: Babel in Black – $99

Jimmy Choo - $1,195
SPLURGE: Jimmy Choo – $1,195

Verbana - $35
STEAL: Verbana – $35

SPLURGE: Chloe - $1,295
SPLURGE: Chloe – $1,295

STEAL: Furge - $33
STEAL: Furge – $33

SPLURGE: Stella McCartney - 41,385
SPLURGE: Stella McCartney – $1,385


One Response to “Over-The-Knee Boot Round Up”

  1. v macaluso Says:

    Wonderful advice for a frugalista, you include affordable boots in every genre Bravo

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