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Successful Deloitte Panel! September 24, 2009

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On Monday September 21, Women in Communication co-hosted the Deloitte Women in Consulting Panel with Undergraduate Stern Women in Business and Phi Chi Theta. We had a wonderful turn-out and learned a lot about the world of consulting!

Deloitte Consulting is broken up into 3 practices: Strategy & Operations, Technology, and Human Capital. The Strategy & Operations practice solves the companies core strategical business problems. The technology practice deals with companies functional and technical technology problems relating to it’s company processes. The Human Capital practice deal with the people issues within and outside a company.

One big takeaway from the panel was Deloitte’s investment into it’s employees. Through WIN, it’s Women Initiative, Deloitte strives to provide women with every opportunity to advance through its company, this can be done with programs like “dialing down” or taking time off for children or family.

Like to travel? Consulting at Deloitte will take you all over the nation and world. There are many opportunities to advance by taking assignments outside of New York, but if you’re wary of travel, consulting might not be the career for you.

Deloitte consulting takes students from a variety of backgrounds, you don’t have to be in the business school to apply!

Find more information here:


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