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NYU Students Break the Pop Culture FBI Image with their Ad Campaign December 9, 2008

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In Professor Jacob Jacoby’s Advertising Management class, textbooks are hard to find. Hired by the FBI through Edventure Partners, an organization that assigns students to a company or organization in order to create a “real world” marketing experience, Jacoby’s class dove headfirst into the world of advertising. Divided into various departments, including Account Management, Marketing Research, Media & PR, Creative, Production and Budget, over the past three months the class has successfully executed a multifaced campaign targeted at NYU undergraduates.

The FBI, popularly misrepresented with the solo “special agent jacket” image, wanted to educate NYU students about the OTHER professional staff opportu

nities within the FBI. They figured there was no better way than recruiting NYU students to create the messages behind their advertising campaign. Jacoby’s class created a series of original advertisements in order to reposition the FBI in the minds of students as a feasible career choice and to build awareness about the FBI’s professional staff positions, which include options such as intelligence analysts, linguists, lab technicians and surveillance a


Over the past two months, posters, flyers, online placements and one major on-campus event helped to educate NYU students about the “other side” of the FBI. On November 19, the class hosted an on campus event where FBI professional staff employees spoke about their experiences and the benefits of working with the FBI. Many interested students with a wide range of majors attended the event. After the event, one student said, “I had no idea there was this other side of the FBI, and since I am a biology major, I am thrilled to know that working with the FBI is an option!”

Continue to look out for original FBI Professional Staff ads created by Professor Jacoby’s class in the Washington Square News and at There is also a Facebook group. For more information about FBI job opportunities, please visit: and use marketing code “Edventure Partners” when submitting applications





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