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WIC’s ‘Dreams’ Campaign Debut November 29, 2007

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On November 28, Women in Communications kicked off their ‘Dreams’ campaign with the Wall of Dreams.  Inspired by WIC’s amazing semester and the end of school rush that members have just begun to suffer, WIC’s ‘Dreams’ campaign strives to bring joy and motivation for WIC members by celebrating the club’s accomplishments and providing uplifting messages to members each day. 


The campaign began with the Wall of Dreams, a stimulating creation designed to inspire and excite members.   Located in the lobby of Kimmel, WIC’s wall gloriously hung by the main staircase.  Below, WIC officers manned a table where students were asked to write their aspirations onto a colorful and creatively cut piece of paper, which they then posted to the wall.  The wall serves as a tool for students to remember what they are working towards and also inspires others to think about the good to come in their futures.   The wall will be hanging again today in Kimmel from 11:30-2:30pm.  Stop by if you can- WIC’s Wall of Dreams is so sassy, everyone should take part!


In addition to the wall, WIC will be sending members quotes from some of our favorite female heroines to encourage them to stay positive throughout these trying days and to take pride in being critically thinking women. 


The campaign will conclude with WIC’s final event, the Dream & Dine Dinner Commemoration.  Also signaling the end of the semester for WIC, Dream & Dine will celebrate the vast accomplishments of the club’s semester.  One of WIC’s first speakers, Mary Ellen Egan, Associate Editor and Chief of Reporters for Forbes Magazine, will be presenting a special reflection on her personal destiny and the possibilities abound in the futures of the members of WIC.  Food, music, and beautiful decorations will be in Kimmel, Room 912, December 6th from 7:45-9:30pm to spice up our final networking event of the semester.  Drinks are definitely to follow!























-Kristen Dolle


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