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When It’s Cold Outside… November 20, 2007

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The dry wind of NYC’s bitter winters presents a tricky challenge: how to maintain our style while staying warm. You don’t need to submit to swimming in a Northface fleece and three scarves- by choosing your winter coat carefully, you will be able to stay fashion forward while bravely facing the arctic weather.







Shorter jackets are typically more fashionable than warm, but there are some that are both cute and functional. This plaid, wool coat from Delia’s has a large, faux fur- trimmed hood that will keep your face and neck insulated. Short coats also tend to be much more affordable than long coats. This one goes for $69.50—a great deal for those who are on a budget and want something cute and rustic.












A long, black coat preserves the look of the sophisticated urban trench, while protecting your body from frigid temperatures. It’s great for any outfit, especially for a dress with stockings, as it covers half of your legs. This formal look is only $98.00 at Nordstrom or











If you are looking for something less conventional, this chic houndstooth pattern from Nordstrom will definitely give you a unique appeal. Its high collar and long length will shield you from the wind. This coat is $128 at Nordstrom.




And how to stay the warmest of all? Donate your old coats to those in need. There are plenty of homeless people that desperately need protection from the cold. Your generosity would be appreciated more than you can ever know. For more information on where to drop off these coats, visit NY Cares


– Tara Andres


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