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News From Around the Media World November 7, 2007

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Facebook Puts Advertising Back in Hands of Public with New Plan
Advertising Age
Facebook is now embarking on a new “pull marketing” era where consumers are voluntarily promoting and endorsing products and brands they like. Their new ad plan will provide capabilities to users to attach themselves to a brand or company as a “fan” which will be alerted to those in their network via newsfeed. In other words, word-of-mouth just got extremely digital and extremely ubiquitous.

Anheuser-Busch Retaliates to Miller’s Mock Ad With Charity
Advertising Age
Miller recently put out an ad mocking A-B but A-B is not letting it get to them. Instead, they’re being the bigger man–er–industry and responding by charitable donations to animal rescue groups.

Giuliani: I’ll Talk Your Ears Off
Advertising Age
Giuliani promised that if he is elected, he’ll hold more White House press conferences.

Yahoo Lied About China, Legislators Say
The Washington Post
Members of Congress yesterday accused Yahoo of lying about its cooperation with the Chinese government in an incident that resulted in the imprisonment of a dissident.

                                                                                   -Tiffany Chang


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