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WIC Does It Again October 30, 2007

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Last night, Women in Communications collaborated with interactive agency R/GA in an in-depth informational event ‘Making it Happen: Recruiters Reveal How to Get Creative on the Competition’. Speakers Courtney Buckle (Recruitment Coordinator), Candace Williamson (Creative Resources Manager), and Maria Decaney (Allocations Coordinator) shared their insight and expertise in resumes, portfolios, interviews, and what it takes to get ahead.

Your resume is the first impression a potential employer receives from you so the document should be clear, concise, and powerful. Always begin writing with your audience in mind. Research the company and job description to learn more about what they are looking for and to mimic the diction that they use. Courtney stressed the importance of style and form, so keep your resume simple with legible font type, black text color, and absolutely no typos.         
















While portfolios can cover many different aspects of your work, the most effective portfolios only highlight your best work. Have discretion when you pick and chose what to feature- everyone comes up with bad ideas, but they shouldn’t be shown to a prospective employer. Recruiters appreciate books that are kept simple and concise, and websites that are polished and easy to navigate through.

The best way to wow employers at an interview is to have done your research. Come to the meeting with questions and a desire to be in conversation with your interviewer. Never talk badly about a previous employer or experience, instead, talk about the positive lessons you learned. While deciding what to wear can be a difficult decision, our speakers said that each job has different dress expectations. While some corporate employers might anticipate someone in a full suit, other smaller shops wouldn’t want to see that. The most important thing in any situation is to look and be sophisticated.


















When you have landed your job, take yourself to the next level by always striving to go above and beyond the basic expectations. Be open to help out in various situations even if they don’t have to do with your actual ‘job.’ Being a team player will help you advance your career, but will also make your experience better.

All in all, the best way to stand out to prospective employers is to be your best self. Communicate your talents and positive personality in a concise and stylish way and you’ll be sure to land the job you want.


WIC would like to stay THANK YOU to our speakers for their time and their expertise, and to the members who attended this event.  You made the night such a success!

   – Kristen Dolle


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