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NYC Is Canine Crazy October 30, 2007

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spaceball2.gifIt’s said that dog is man’s best friend, and with a recent Halloween parade and a canine competition, it seems that nothing could be more true.






On Sunday, NYC’s furry friends trotted through Tompkins Square Park during its 17th annual Halloween Dog Parade. With over 400 primped pooches, the largest Halloween fanfare for dogs saw canine companions dressed as bunnies, clowns, gypsies, and even Britney Spears. Hugh Heffner and playmates Erica Shea, Stephanie Farah and Joanna Farah even made an appearance. You can see more of the festivities at







The city’s showing of canine love also doesn’t stop at Tompkins Square. Popular Manhattan daily, amNY, is now asking its readers to submit photos of their dogs for a later crowning of NYC’s top dog, which is a fun way of getting your pet’s picture in the paper. Read here for more information:,0,2851264.story




– Nia Tran & Kristen Dolle


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