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Pushing Daisies: fall’s most unique new show October 29, 2007

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pushingdaisies.jpgSmart, charming, and with stunning visual appeals, Pushing Daisies is the fall’s newest and most original new series yet. Created by Brian Fuller (Heroes) and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black), the show focuses on Ned (Lee Pace), a young pie-maker who can bring the dead back to life with one touch and then send them right back to the
grave if he re-touches within the same minute. With his powers, Ned helps a money-hungry private investigator, Emerson Cod (Chi McBride), solve crimes by bringing the murdered back to life to ask who killed them. Ned also riskily brings back his long-lost childhood love, Chuck (Anna Friel), back to life.

The dialogue is quick and witty, and the show is done in a Tim Burton-esque style equipped with a British narrator, and enhanced colors in the fantastical alternate world in which it takes place. Though the blossoming love story that takes place between Chuck and Ned is both enthralling and adorable, I can’t help but question how long it can be kept up for. They grow closer and cuter with each episode, but really, how long can two lovers go without touching each other? Something is bound to happen soon… But in the meantime, the show is cute, amusing, and unique. It’s completely different from any other show on television, and we highly recommend checking it out.

–Ilana Phillips


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