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Transformations: Photography & Imaging at 25 October 27, 2007

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This fall, the Tisch Photography and Imaging department is running a special exhibit celebrating work by students and faculty from the past 25 years. The photographs cover everything from the fantastical (a woman walking a giant dog in Central Park) to the political (an Afghan woman in a burqa) to the everyday (a little girl sitting in bed).

Wandering through the exhibits, there were two that I particularly liked. One was actually a trio of 3-D photographs called “Landscape of Commerce” by Rose DeSiano (Class of 2001). On the small, illuminated glass panels, scenes of old-style city advertisements pop out at the viewer, reminding me of those picture viewers little kids have with images of cartoons or the national parks.

“Forbidden City,” the other photo I loved, depicted two young Asian boys wearing bow-ties, vests and plastic sunglasses with the stickers still on the lenses. The image is at once comical and poignant, showing how halfway across the world, boys will be boys. The artist, Chien-Ming Chung (Class of 1994), spent several years in the Asian-Pacific photographing people and places.

I didn’t want to cheapen any of the artists’ work by taking photographs of their photographs, so you’ll just have to go see them for yourself. It’s a good thing to do between classes if you have a little time. The exhibit is on the first floor of the Tisch building in the Gulf & Western Gallery and on the 8th floor in the photography department. There are also a few in the windows along the side of Kimmel on LaGuardia. The exhibit runs until November 17. For more info, visit


– Liz Webber


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