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Haunting in Style October 26, 2007

Filed under: Fashion — NYU WIC @ 6:12 pm

Coppertone Sun Girl

Bring yourself back to a whimsical time when you weren’t worrying about coppertone.jpgcancer or wrinkles as you soaked up the spectacular rays of the sun. The Coppertone Sun Girl is a classic icon that’s easy and fun to imitate. There are several ways to go about the costume, but the best way is to don a blue dress with a bandeaux top. This way, you can also wear nude leggings and a turtleneck if you need some extra warmth while you freeze outside. Pull your hair into tousled pigtails and tie them with blue ribbons. Give yourself a golden flush by covering your face in bronzer and blush to create a sunburned look. Customize your costume by wearing sunglasses, clutching a bottle of Coppertone sunscreen, or toting around a black, stuffed dog. If you love the dog idea, but would rather not be carrying something in your arms, pin a felt canine silhouette to the bottom of your dress. As the Coppertone Sun Girl, you’ll be sure to turn heads as you glow with youth and summer glory— just make sure that you use this cartoon for inspiration, not an actual look.  

 – Tara Andreas


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