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News From Around the Media World October 23, 2007

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MySpace Will Create a Destination for Games
The Wall Street Journal
MySpace is expected to announce a plan to create a destination for games on the site through a partnership with game distributor Oberon Media.

Facebook Set to Introduce ‘SocialAds’
Advertising Age
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will be discussing “a new way of advertising online” at an event in NYC on Nov. 6th.

Ang Lee Releases NC-17 Film to Draw in Asian-American Communities
Advertising Age
Oscar-winning director Ang Lee’s film “Lust, Caution” is a sex and nudity- filled, two hours and 38 minute feature entirely in Chinese. Powered by Asian stars and controversy, the film is beating out “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Harry Potter” theatrical grosses.

Are GPS Cell Phone Features Too Much of a Privacy Infringement?
The New York Times
The latest advancement in cell phone tech obviously has its perks–GPS tracking of kids with cell phones and easy navigation to friends–but are these social maps disturbing personal privacy? Editorial writer Laura M. Holson ponders over whether or not these new cell phone services make it harder to hide.

Postal Service to Change Ad Image
The New York Times
The Postal Service is launching a new campaign to update their image and position snail mail as a comparable contemporary service in the land of digital information exchange.

Fashion Week in L.A. Badly in Need of Buzz
Women’s Wear Daily
Fashion Week in L.A. suffered from a lack of major stars and overall attention.


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