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The Voice of WIC Music Revamped for the Masses October 23, 2007

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Sitting at my computer, a tiny IM box from a friend reads “Hey, check out this site.”daytrotter.jpg I click the link. I didn’t know then that this simple action would lead to one of my newest Internet addictions:


There are so many entertainment websites scrambling to discover the “next big thing” and presenting it to the online public, but in doing this, they tend to neglect those of us who simply lust after the undiscovered. Enter a website dedicated to uncovering new music for those of us who just aren’t satisfied with the MTV-esque debauchery rampant in the music industry.


Run by music industry veteran Sean Moeller, DayTrotter promotes the emerging, maris.jpgnew music that we’ve all been dying for. Each week, the site features three new bands, who visit DayTrotter’s recording studio in Rock Island, Illinois for a few hours between tour stops. With no formula or template for the musicians’ art, the recordings are raw and full of life. To get inside these sessions, DayTrotter viewers can download exclusive, alternate, and unreleased tracks from these refreshing talents.


This week’s featured bands come in the form of Vampire Weekend, Marissa Nadler, and Jennifer Gentle. One click on their respective pictures will give you information outlining their background, influence, sound…and a chance to hear it all for yourself.

Finally…music to my ears.

-Ali Feinstein


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