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News From Around the Media World October 22, 2007

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Will Impossible Counts of Online Hits Hold Ad Market Back?
The New York Times
The wide discrepancies in the numbers of site visitors that tracking companies report and internal counts generate may be problematic as we enter a more competitive stage of online advertising.

Apple Gains PC Market Share, Anticipates Further Upgrades
The New York Times
Apple is expected to fall third in line behind HP and Dell with its surging momentum and vicious devouring of PC market share. On Friday Apple will be introducing its Leopard version of the OS X operating system to match and surpass Windows Vista.

3 Minute Ad Age
Advertising Age
Today Ad Age is launching its 3 minute online video news show, where it will recap the latest marketing/advertising industry news of the day.

Women of 3iYing Launch a Viral Effort to Tell You How Bad Your Ads Are
Advertising Age
3iYing is engaging in a new campaign called Flip, where a young girl films herself “flipping” brands that she finds offensive, insulting, or stupid into the dustbin. Some flipped brands? Lifestyle, MAC Cosmetics, Sony, and Candies.

Hollywood Writers Threaten to Strike
The Wall Street Journal
Members of the Writers Guild of America voted in favor on Friday authorizing a strike if they fail to sign a new contract by the time their current agreement expires at the end of the month.

–Tiffany Chang


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