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LA Fashion Week Report October 22, 2007

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We’re already tired of winter, and it’s not even here yet. Last week was Fashion Week in Los Angeles, and though it will never quite compare to New York’s, here are some of our favorite looks from Spring/Summer 2008.






Randolph Duke took us back into the wild with his delicate, but bold party-friendly frocks with dark prints and heavy textures.







The Green Initiative made street-smart eco-friendly.






            lafw_-_evidence_of_evolution1.jpg lafw_-_evidence_of_evolution2.jpg   







We loved Evidence of Evolution’s line – clothes that take you straight from lounging on the couch to a night out on the town. Effortless chic.












And trust Karl Lagerfeld to upstage everyone else. Across the sea, Fendi held a decadent show atop the Great Wall of China.



For more looks from LA Fashion Week, visit

-Jill Voon


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