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News From Around the Media World October 19, 2007

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Miller Light Picks Ad Fight with Anheuser-Busch
Advertising Age
Miller Lite recently joined with Coors to challenge A-B in the brewing industry. But Miller doesn’t stop there–it has a new agency and new ads that clearly pick on A-B as a lesser competitor. Is the beer-ad-war back in town yet again?

Senators Want FCC to Slow Down on Media-Ownership Rules
Advertising Age
The FCC is proposing to conclude the review of media-ownership rules and issue new rules by the end of this year. Two senators and public-interest groups are opposing this proposal, claiming that the timetable does not provide adequate reviewing time.

Village Voice Media Executives Arrested
The New York Times
Two executives from Village Voice Media were arrested in Phoenix on charges that a published story revealed grand jury secrets.

BBC to Cut 2,500 Positions
The New York Times
BBC has announced that it will be engaging in an all-around reduction of the company by eliminating 2,500 positions and making 10% fewer shows by 2013. Will this make it more fitting for the media competition?

Telecommunication Companies Would Receive Immunity with New Terms of Spying Bill
The Washington Post
The Senate and the Bush administration have just reached an agreement on terms of new legislation to control the government’s domestic surveillance program. Telecom companies who have partnered with national intelligence for US surveillance will have full immunity.

–Tiffany Chang


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