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Arrah and the Ferns October 18, 2007

Filed under: Music — NYU WIC @ 1:29 am

While the NYC concert scene is relatively slow, I thought I’d give some props to a band from my hometown of Muncie, Indiana.  Although Muncie is not exactly the center of the fern-new.jpgmusic scene–or any scene, for that matter–its resident pop-folk group Arrah and the Ferns stand out with their debut album, Evan is a Vegan.

Arrah and the Ferns has a cute, fuzzy sound throughout the album, even when covering subjects such as alcoholism. As with many indie pop-folk bands, they employ the use of various, random instruments such as the banjo, ukelele, and recorder to bolster their unique sound. In one track, Dave, the drummer, plays two recorders at once. Despite the music from all of the instruments, singer Arrah’s sweet vocals stand out clearly and profoundly. If you like your music relentlessly perky and endearingly quirky, you must listen to Arrah and the Ferns.

-Ellie Fye


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