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A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila October 18, 2007

Filed under: TV & Movies — NYU WIC @ 11:02 am


Against my better judgment, I tuned in to a rerun of Tila Tequila’s new MTV show last night. Imagine my surprise when I saw that a boy from my graduating class in high school, Ryan, is one of the contestants (the “oil executive” from NJ). What?? Now I might actually have to watch this show. He’s hardly the first alumi of my high school to end up on a reality show––one was on the first season of Beauty and the Geek and another was on The Bachelor––but unlike those shows, this one might actually be entertaining enough to endure watching.

It’s a cool concept: Tila is bisexual and doesn’t know if she likes men or women better. 16 men and 16 women are competing against each other for a shot at winning Tila’s heart. The concept has the potential to be groundbreaking, but I have a bad feeling that this show is going to be ridiculously trashy. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

–Kristen O’Gorman


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