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From Orange County to the Upper East Side: Who Doesn’t Like a Show About the Filthy Rich? October 17, 2007

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gossip-girl.jpgAfter the failed attempt to adapt Cecily von Ziegesar’s ever-popular guilty-pleasure Gossip Girl books into a movie, the CW’s television take on the series is finally here, and it’s just as juicy and scandal-packed as ever. Brought to us by Josh Schwartz, the producer and writer for The O.C.—the ground-breaking show that focused on the lives of the filthy rich and utterly messed up of Orange County—Gossip Girl instead focuses on the lives of the filthy rich and utterly messed up of the Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

 The show is centered on Serena Van der Woodsen, the wild “it” girl of her private Manhattan high school, who just returned from her one-year stint at boarding school in Connecticut to “figure stuff out.” What that stuff is, and why exactly she left, still remains a mystery. Throughout Serena’s encounters with new and old acquaintances and friends, the voice of “Gossip Girl,” the online blogger of the Upper East Side’s freshest gossip, summarizes and narrates the audience. We meet Serena’s cruel and nasty B.F.F. Blair (whose popularity, cute boyfriend, and immense number of friends is shocking given her malicious and vicious ways), Blair’s increasingly skeptical boyfriend Nate (who cheated on Blair with Serena before she left—a whole other story in itself), the womanizer Chuck, and Dan the adorable “Lonely Boy,” who seems to have a budding relationship with Serena. Like The O.C., Gossip Girl also partially focuses on the lives of these teens’ beautiful parents, who conveniently all have intertwined pasts.

theoc.jpgThis show is definitely juicy enough to keep us coming back for more every week; however, I still worry that it will follow in the path of its California predecessor. It features the same cool music (with a short segment at the end telling you what music you just heard on your favorite show), the same types of hot, flawless-looking upcoming actors (notice any similarities in the cast photos?), and, daringly, it has same type of explosive drama simply within the first three episodes. Although Gossip Girl clearly follows the format that worked for The O.C., it is a format that you can’t help but love and become addicted to. Hopefully, it won’t crash and burn after 3 seasons like the former “it” show about rich teenagers.

So what’s going to happen on this week’s episode? We know that Dan and Serena’s much put off date to “talk about nothing” has got to happen sometime soon. Also, Dan’s desperate-for-popularity little sister Jenny is bound to get into some sort of trouble soon, as she is always doing whatever she can to advance her friendship with Blair. Also, soon enough, the tension between Serena’s mother and Dan’s father, whom used to date, is bound to break—maybe a reunion between them will get in the way of Dan and Serena’s relationship. But only time will tell.

That’s it for this week,

Xoxo, Gossip Girl

–Ilana Phillips


4 Responses to “From Orange County to the Upper East Side: Who Doesn’t Like a Show About the Filthy Rich?”

  1. jordan Says:


  2. "J" Says:

    Great review. Right on. I think I’ll start watching the show!! Thanks Ilana

  3. Chutney Vander Wooden Says:

    best review ive ever read. hands down. youre the next diane sawyer, lonzie.

  4. Tobias Francezca Says:

    this review is so good but a few of my bffs and i thought last night epi was not so hot… anyhoo this was a greatttt comparisooon

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