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‘The Hills’: Enough with the sex tape October 16, 2007

Filed under: TV & Movies — NYU WIC @ 8:12 pm

the-hills.jpgWe’re growing weary of the sex tape drama. It was played out enough in the tabloids; is this whole season really going to center around it? I know, I know, the rumors are one of the major reasons that Heidi and Lauren aren’t friends anymore, but come on. Everyone would’ve forgotten about the supposed sex tape months ago if it wasn’t for this show.

On the plus side, we’re thrilled Lauren finally realized that she’s been acting far too controlling over her friends. Lauren actually apologized to Audrina. It’s understandable that she’s scared of losing another friend to a guy, but being a control freak isn’t exactly going to keep Audrina around. If we’re lucky, this is the end of the Justinbobby drama, but for some reason, I doubt it.

Jen Bunney… what can we say about Jen Bunney? First of all, she looks a hundred times better with the nose job, unlike Heidi. But moving on… Bunney is such a meddler. She hasn’t spoken to Lauren in months but, of course, has to call her up to relay the latest gossip on who started the sex tape rumor. This girl thrives on drama. We need more Lo and Whitney and less Jen Bunney, please.

Hopefully, next week we’ll get the Heidi vs. Lauren confrontation that the previews have been promising for weeks now.

–Kristen O’Gorman


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