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News From Around the Media World October 16, 2007

Filed under: Media Briefs — NYU WIC @ 5:35 pm

As Part of Transition, AOL to Shed 2,000 Jobs
Advertising Age
AOL is letting go of 2,000 employees and will now be refocusing on its advertising platform.

Google Makes Move to End Video Copyright Wars
The New York Times
Google unveiled on Monday plans to prevent media clips from being uploaded to YouTube without permission.

Cola Wars Get Physical in Pennsylvania
Advertising Age
A Coke and a Pepsi delivery man broke out into an altercation last week in Pennsylvania while unloading soda.

TV Networks Continue to Lose Audience Shares
The New York Times
According to Nielsen Media Research, the four big TV networks are seeing a 5% decline in viewership.

Consumers Watching More TV Online
Multichannel News
Online TV viewership has increased since 2006, and the majority of online TV viewers attribute the switch in habit to personal convenience and avoiding commercials.

 –Tiffany Chang


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