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Book Review: No More Ramen October 15, 2007

Filed under: Media Commentary — NYU WIC @ 10:10 am

Will I ever find my dream job? Why is it all so overwhelming? I’m broke! I don’t know what I want to do in life. How does the workplace work? Why am I having a quarter-life crisis?! Sound familiar? No worries–us real-world-bound young people finally have answers, thanks to a new, revealing book, No More Ramen by Nicholas Aretakis.

Like the typical Entitlement Generation-er, I’ve always considered the future as a puzzle that would work itself out, the world as my very friendly oyster, and success to fall easily at my feet. Lo and behold, we face the real world and realize, oh my goodness—we are in way over our heads. Nicholas Aretakis’s No More Ramen is a great read for those who suffer similar revelations and need guidance…and actually to anybody who THINKS they don’t need guidance—because you’ll be surprised at what you don’t know about the real world.

This self-proclaimed “real world survival guide” is exactly that—a manual for figuring out the little details of the work place and personal obstacles, and just how to be a personal success in life. Aretakis’s book is a casual, conversational read, privileging readers with forgotten tips like what to say in a conference, what to look for in a job, and how to translate academic success to professional success. For all of you out there who have heard too often the clichéd schpiels about dressing to impress, running over portfolio pitches or simply following your heart to that perfect job that seems nonexistent, Aretakis gives you a little bit of that—and then blows you out of the water with the more important specifics.

From personal rating charts, goal sheets and answers about everything from sick days to tax forms to housing plans, No More Ramen is a clear shot of a book at giving you success in life in a nutshell. I recommend this book to all 20-somethings, and even those younger, and definitely to parents. Everyone must take a bite out of this delicious No More Ramen—the solutions offered are answers to questions you never even thought to ask! Guaranteed this is not just a guide, but a 20-something’s key to avoiding regretful hindsight and future panic attacks.

–Tiffany Chang


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