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Haunting in Style October 14, 2007

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Treats, Not Tricks

This Halloween, avoid the temptation to strut in the skin-tight, low-cut outfits that, unfortunately, every other girl will be wearing. With just a little more effort – and probably for less money – you can be something more original and definitely more fun.   For the next few weeks, we’ll suggest some original costume ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. This Halloween, instead of getting the usual guy leering at you from across the street, experience the rush that comes with people stopping you on the corner and saying, “OHMYGOD, you’re X! That’s such a fantastic idea!”

Halloween Costume Idea #1: The Spice Girls

With their upcoming comeback tour, the Spice Girls are hotter than ever. Gather up four of your friends and reincarnate the ‘90s phenomenon. If you really love the ‘90s, go for the classic Spice Girls look– loud, crazy, and flashy. If you’re not into spandex and platforms, opt for the sleek, chic, and modern Spice style the girls exude today.  And remember that whichever Spice you choose, there really is no limit to how creative you can get with this idea.  After all, the best part about the Spice Girls is the empowerment that comes with rocking ultimate Girl Power. 












     -Jill Voon


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