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Highlights from WIC Event ‘Insights into Interactive Media’ October 13, 2007

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On Tuesday evening, Women in Communications hosted its second event of the semester, “Insights into Interactive Media: The Future, Power, and Fun of Online Communications.” Despite thunderstorms and a fire drill, it was one of the best events we’ve had to date. Our panel of speakers complimented each other perfectly, and audience members left with a greater understanding of the wide range of careers available in online media. It truly was an amazing night filled with laughter, inspirational advice, and overall a lot of fun.     

If you missed out, here are some of the highlights of the speakers’ presentations:


Bonnie Gibbs, Associate Video Editor for
Bonnie encouraged us to go crazy with the web (referring to it as the “Wild West”). She explained that the most exciting part of her job is the fact that there are no rules that are set in 3.jpgstone, so she has a chance to play around with new ideas for videos all the time. Bonnie showed an video that she edited, starring the very cute Jonathon Stewart, and used it to exemplify the complex process of making interactive media for a large audience.


Stacy Rosenberg, Adjunct Instructor and Communications Manager for NYU’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication
Stacy was inspired to get into the net movment when she saw the convergence of TV and the Internet when she worked in television. In discussing the importance of having technical skills, such as a basic knowledge of HTML or JavaScript, she also pointed out that with the digital age well-underway, almost every company now has in-house communications jobs. She advised WIC members to keep an open mind in our career aspirations and that non-traditional communications jobs in hospitals and universities are great places to work in and often have many positions available for those who are interested in communications.


Shannon Rudd, Media Operations Coordinator for Undertone Networks
Shannon taught us all about the online advertising industry and the dramatic increase of ad revenue from websites. She image042.jpgexplained several terms that are vital to know if you are interested in online ads, such as pixel tracking (the way companies know what websites you visit regularly) and skyscrapers (those tall ads that are on the sides of a webpage). Tired of seeing the same ads all the time? Shannon offered some helpful advice: delete your cookies.


Melissa Bermudez, Interaction Designer for R/GA
Melissa showed an awesome PowerPoint presentation that featured her adorable comic drawings, which had us cracking up the whole time. She also guided us through the process of website creation. “It’s like building a virtual house,” she says. Melissa is passionate about using the web to cater to the unique needs of every client, and we share in her excitement for innovative new marketing strategies online. Melissa is so talented, she also has a patent pending for a digital board game that she created!


After “Insights into Interactive Media,” we all feel a little more tech-savvy here at WIC, and we are so thrilled to be living in an age where the possibilities for interactive media are limitless. We’re very grateful to have met such amazing women and mentors in the online industry.

Our next event is quickly approaching, so mark the date: Wednesday, October 17 from 7:30 to 9:00 PM. We will be taking an inside look into broadcast journalism.

-Tiffany Engsell


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