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News from around the Media World October 11, 2007

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Ad Spot Proposes Allowing Gays to Marry
Advertising Age
California gay-rights advocates have developed an emotional ad as part of a same-sex marraige campaign. This TV spot shows a bride facing wedding-day nightmare obstacles such as tripping down the aisle and tearing her veil. The spot uses this rare situation as a reminder that every day, gay and lesbian couples are prevented from marrying the people they love.

Study: TV Spots Reduce Consumers’ Sensitivity to Price Change
Advertising Age
A study by Apollo found that exposure to TV commercials decrease consumers’ tendency to react to price changes, especially when they are frequent buyers.

Internet Company to Let Consumers Profit from Videos, Challenges YouTube
New York Times
Blinkx, a London-based Internet video search company will give consumers the opportunity to profit from the videos they post on social network sites or homepages if they agree to embed advertising. Blinkx hopes to compete with Youtube in this endeavor.

Fabricated Emails Discovered in AOL Executive Court Trial
The Washington Post
In the first trial of former officials at AOL Time Warner and a Las Vegas software maker allegedly engaged in sham advertising deals to boost revenues, evidential e-mails that had been produced for the case were found to have been fabricated. A new charge of obstruction of justice is now underway.

Students Organize Over Fight to Loosen Restrictions on Copyright Laws
New York Times
A national organization, Students for Free Culture, is sprouting on college campuses to advocate the loosening of copyright laws for free sharing of information–be it music, files or research.

–Tiffany Chang


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