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Inside R/GA: Tech and Digital October 11, 2007

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R/GA is the first ‘Lit Up’ Internship Insider. Each day this week, a post will feature a certain aspect of the L’Oréal Paris team. At the end of the week, you can see the entire profile by clicking the Internship Insider category on the right side of the screen.   
Tech and Digital
In creating software and hardware, the tech and digital teams bring the campaign to life. From editing videos, to conceptualizing new code, to eliminating online bugs, the efforts of these teams are immeasurable and invaluable. Here’s what they have to share:   









John Tubert, Senior Flash Developer & Solutions Architect
“I love to be surrounded by great professionals that I can learn from on a daily basis.”



















Will Lee, Flash Developer & All-Around Good Guy
“What I do:
I am a Flash Developer because it is an ideal convergence of what I enjoy doing and what I’m good at doing, while making a good living doing it. (Not that I expect to do this forever.)

Important professional lesson:
The ad agency industry is a small world. I’m always meeting someone who knew someone I’ve worked with or went to school with. So don’t burn your bridges!”














Leslie Chong, Quality Assurance Analyst
“QA was supposed to be a temporary job, but I fell into it and ended up enjoying it. Basically, I feel like it’s my job to nurture a project and make sure it turns out as good as it was designed to be.”
















David Shuff, Video Editor
”I very much appreciate that R/GA allows me to work as an editor while not having to deal with the fucking insane world of conventional advertising. Well, not have to deal with it much. I also value that they’ve let me get away with quitting seven times in seven years.”







                   -Kristen Dolle


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