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Newport Harbor: A failed attempt to replace Laguna Beach October 4, 2007

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laguna-beach-1.jpgI still believe that Laguna Beach—at least the first season—was authentic. Sure, MTV may have crafted some situations, but for the most part, it was real. It was a totally new concept and that’s what made it so completely addicting. But the success of Laguna Beach can never be recreated. The kids on the copycat shows (Laguna Beach 3, Newport Harbor) know the roles they need to play in order to gain notoriety. They watched Lauren and Kristin explode after the show and the rest of the cast fade into oblivion. It’s so painfully obvious that MTV tries to fit the new kids into the roles of the original cast in a desperate hope that the audiences love the new casts like they loved—or loved to hate—Lauren and Kristin.





Back to Newport Harbor: the season finale was completely boring, but I’m not surprised considering the rest of the season. If they renew this show, I’ll be shocked. Oh, and the whole long-distance-relationship-because-of-college thing? It’s been done. And Kristin and Stephen were far cuter (and more believable) together than Chrissy and Clay.

At least The Hills never lets me down.

–Kristen O’Gorman


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