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Top News – Wednesday October 3, 2007

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NYC Taxi Drivers Set a Date for Another Strike
The New York Times
New York City taxi Driver’s set October 22nd for their second strike to protest new regulations requiring them to install GPS systems and credit card machines.

President Bush vetos Children’s Health Insurance Bill
Los Angeles Times
President Bush vetoed a health insurance bill for poor children today, setting the stage for tense negotiations between the White House and Congress.

Knicks Coach is Charged with Sexual Harassment
The New York Times
Isiah Thomas, the coach of the New York Knicks was charged Tuesday with sexually harassing a former female co-worker. Madison Square Garden and its chairman must pay $11.6 million in damages after improperly firing her after she complained about the unwanted advances.

Swedish Smokeless Tobacco is Introduced in US Markets
The New York Times
A from of smokeless tobacco from Sweden is coming to America, leaving marketers unsure of how to define and sell “reduced risk” tobacco.

Valentino to Retire
Italian fashion designer Valentino gave his last ready-to-wear fashion show today before retiring after 45 years in fashion. He is set to retire in January after one final haute couture show.

–Kimberly Cole


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