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News from Around the Media World October 3, 2007

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MySpace and The Weather Channel Form New Partnership
MySpace and The Weather Channel are teaming up to offer a weather section on the social network site. Launches Online Television Show
Los Angeles Times, a popular blog, is launching a daily online TV show today, featuring free 3-5 minute daily reports on eclectic topics.

AIM Offers Music Sharing
The Washington Post
The new version of AOL’s instant messaging service, AIM 6.5, now offers an application that allows chatters to listen to songs on others’ playlists. This free software is only compatible with Windows-based computers.

Target Law Suit Over Access by the Blind
The Wall Street Journal
A lawsuit alleging that Target is breaking California and federal law by making their website unaccessible by the blind has been granted class-action status.

–Tiffany Chang


One Response to “News from Around the Media World”

  1. Ellie Says:

    That’s awesome! I love boingboing!

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