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Inside R/GA: Copywriters and Interaction Designers October 3, 2007

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R/GA is the first ‘Lit Up’ Internship Insider. Each day this week, a post will feature a certain aspect of the L’Oréal Paris team. At the end of the week, you can see the entire profile by clicking the Internship Insider category on the right side of the screen. 


Copywriters and Interaction Designers
Copywriters and Interaction Designers are two of the creative disciplines at R/GA that conceptualize and construct the functionality, clarity, and fun of online and mobile experiences. Copywriters do much more than write the words you see on websites or ads; they ultimately articulate a brand impression through their creative concepts. Interaction Designers figure out how people are using a technology or medium, and then enhance the experience through improving its design.  The L’Oréal team shares these thoughts with you:








Christina Kallery Senior Copywriter
“I’ve wanted to live in New York ever since I saw my first Vogue magazine–a big fat September issue that I bought from a 7-11 with my allowance money at the age of 14. It took me a while to work up the nerve but I finally made the leap from Detroit this summer. It’s been an incredible adventure so far and, best of all, I get to combine two of my favorite things: writing and beauty products.”












Julia Belozersky, Copywriter
“There’s nothing better than having an awesome intern. All it takes to be amazing is friendliness, desire to learn, willingness to get things done right the first time and wanting to be responsible for and own your work. If you have those qualities, you will become absolutely invaluable to your boss and team and they will try to do everything in their power to hire you once your internship is over.”







Eve Hernandez, Senior Copywriter
“I love what I do, but it’s just work. It’s very easy to lose your sense of self in this parallel, corporate universe. People act differently, and commonly alter the way they speak and behave at the office. In a way it’s similar to a romantic relationship. There is this little dance between parties with people trying to seduce, manipulate, or get noticed. Resist being pulled out from the shore into the corporate sea, and keep something to anchor your precious self. For me, it’s as simple as keeping my favorite quotes and books near my computer, going for a quiet walk during the day, or giving myself regular talks about who I am and what I want.
If you stop to think for an instant, people, art and beauty will always come first.”







Erin Lynch, Associate Creative Director
“As digital media becomes channel agnostic and could infiltrate into almost every aspect and moment of our days if we allow it ( and a lot of us do ) the role of the interaction designer is becoming more and more challenging and also more and more important. I love what I do and feel lucky to be involved in playing even a very small role shaping an incredibly interesting and dynamic future.”












Melissa Bermudez, Interaction Designer
“Generally, the best ‘User Experience’ is the path of least resistance. But I’ve found that in real life, I usually end up gaining the most when I take the path of most resistance.”



**MEL IS SPEAKING AT WIC EVENT ‘Insights Into Interactive Media:  The Future, Power, and Fun of Online Communications’ on Tuesday, Oct. 9th, Kimmel, Room 912, 7:30pm!  DON’T MISS OUT- TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPROTUNITY!!***






-Kristen Dolle

(Pictures Courtesy of Betsy Kershner)


One Response to “Inside R/GA: Copywriters and Interaction Designers”

  1. Kristen!

    Your incite and professionalism throughout my brief experience with R/GA and its talented team of ladies was a pleasure to work with. I’m glad I could assist you — the photos look great!

    Thank you so much again, I look forward to working with you in the future if ever you need me!


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