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TiVo Could Save Your Favorite Show October 2, 2007

Filed under: Media Commentary — NYU WIC @ 1:47 pm

gossipgirl.jpgGossip Girl (my new fave show) isn’t exactly the breakout hit that everyone expected it to be. The premiere party rivaled a movie premiere, but after just two episodes, it seemed in danger of being cancelled. But could the poor ratings just be because people are TiVoing it instead of watching it in its timeslot? The people over at Nielsen Media Research seem to think so. For the first time ever, they’re restructuring their ratings system to take into account the shows that we record on DVR. If you record a show and watch it within 3 days, it’ll be factored into the ratings for the show. The number of households with DVRs is growing rapidly; 20% of households have a DVR, compared to just 9% last year. This new rating system can especially help shows like Gossip Girl because DVRs are more commonly used by people in the target age group of Gossip Girl than any other age group. So please, help save my teen gossip fix and record it to your DVR!

 –Kristen O’Gorman


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