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‘Hills’ Apparently Going Nowhere October 2, 2007

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This week, we followed Lauren, Lo, Audrina, and JustinBobby as they headed out to Las Vegas for Brody’s birthday. As expected, it was jam-packed with drama!

We can’t stand the way that Lo and Lauren make a huge deal out of the fact that they’re not friends with JustinBobby. Your friends and your boyfriend don’t always get along… that’s life and that’s okay. We think it’s better to wait to worry until the day your friends and boyfriend know how to cook each others eggs in the morning. This situation is going to turn into Spencer & Heidi Part 2 if Lauren doesn’t loosen her grip. Seriously, how does she not see that she’s doing the same thing? At least the previews for next week look promising.

Okay and seriously, did it surprise anyone that Lauren made out with Brody? So predictable. As Lauren & Jason fans at WIC (what? we’re dreamers!), we really don’t see the future of these two spit-swappers.

And let’s not forget about Elodie. Ever since Heidi took that promotion right out from under her nose, she’s been the most interesting character on the show. We love how Heidi tried to dump her responsibilities on Elodie and, instead of covering for her like usual, Elodie just “forgot” to mention that she was no longer with the company. (*WIC in no way promotes sneaky backstabbing in the workplace!) But Elodie, you will be missed. What will we do without her sarcasm and backhanded comments that went right over Heidi’s pretty little head?

Oh, and about Spencer… We can’t believe he still hasn’t told his parents about the engagement. “We’ll tell them after the wedding”?? What a slimeball. It’s so painfully obvious that this wedding is as happenin’ as Britney’s victory in her custody battle (never gonna happen!)

Until next week…

–Kristen O’Gorman


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