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News From Around the Media World October 1, 2007

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Why Big Newspapers Applaud Circulation Decline
The New York Times
Although big U.S. newspapers are selling about 10% fewer copies than in 2000, the circulation decline is viewed as a relief of the costs that would normally accrue. Marketing and delivery costs, as well as pressure from advertisers have provoked papers to deem some readers as not worth the expense in finding and retaining these advertisers.

Outdoor Advertising in Jeopardy
Advertising Age
Outdoor ads are facing threats of banning measures in Brazil as many Brazilian cities are following Sao Paulo’s stunning example of banning billboards, neon signs and electronic panels . Rio de Janeiro is seriously considering restricting such pervasive advertising. In the U.S., several states already have long-standing policies forbidding outdoor ads. Outdoor ad expenditures have dropped about 15% this year, nationwide.

A Brief Exploration into the Billboard History
The Wall Street Journal
Despite recent discussions of reducing visual pollution in Brazil and in the U.S., The Wall Street Journal finds billboards safe from threats of outdoor advertising extinction, and ventures so far as to consider it a clever little tool for advertisers.

Free Speech Issues in College Newspaper
The New York Times
A recent editorial that ran in the student newspaper at Colorado State University has sparked hot debate over whether the printed vulgar expletive direct at President Bush was an exercise of free speech or bad judgement. A school supervisory board will decide later this week whether to fire the editor-in-chief over the publishing decision.

Downloading Songs at Starbucks
The New York Times
Starting tomorrow at select Starbucks stores, music-loving coffee patrons will be able to download songs heard at Starbucks for 99 cents a song. The development is exclusively compatible with iPhones and iTunes.

Kraft Foods Repositions Brand
The New York Times
As Kraft suffers from its falling fortunes, the company seeks to retain as well as win back those costumers who have turned to other alternatives. Kraft is looking to boost its marketing budget and transform its brand.

Microsoft to Move in on Internet Filing
The New York Times
To match the quickly advancing Google, Microsoft is vying for a spot in the Internet realm as it adds more online services for consumers. Today Microsoft is announcing developmental plans for Office Live Workspace, its free online storage and document service.

Shopper Marketing: The Hottest New Medium
Advertising Age
Shopper marketing is proving to be the new key to reshaping marketing, and marketers are flocking to this new medium that is growing faster than the Internet. The latest focus is on how to measure shopper marketing and consumer reactions to in-store collateral and advertising. Proctor & Gamble, Wal-Mart, and Nielsen are among many who are jumping quickly on the bandwagon to take advantage of this new research opportunity.

Slow Housing Market Affects U.S. Advertising Market
The Wall Street Journal
Advertising forecaster ZenithOptimedia predicts American advertising dollars to slow down for the rest of the year, as the housing market slump and credit problems cause a financial domino effect throughout the advertising industry.

–Tiffany Chang


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