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Top News – Monday October 1, 2007

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Hollywood and Smoking
The New York Times
After coming under pressure from antismoking lobbyists, the biggest Hollywood film studios are divided over ways to confront smoking in movies that reach the young.

University of Memphis Cancels classes After Fatal Student Shooting
WSMV Nashville
University of Memphis canceled classes today after one of its students was fatally shot Sunday night. The victim was 21-year-old Taylor Bradford, a member of the university’s football team.

Tracing Poisoned Toothpaste
The New York Times
A Panama resident discoverd the poisonous ingredient diethylene glycol in his toothpaste after reading the label. The discovery has launched a worldwide search for remaining poisonous toothpaste in the market place that turned out to be manufactured in China.

Israel Releases 57 Palestinian Prisoners
The Associated Press
Israel freed 57 Palestinian prisoners in a gesture to President Mahmoud Abbas in front of a US-sponsored MIdeast peace conference.

Exoneration Using DNA Brings Change to US Legal System
The New York Times
State lawmakers across the country are adopting broad changes to criminal justice procedures as a response to the exoneration of more than 200 convicts through the use of DNA evidence.

–Kimberly Cole


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