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The Season for Break-ups and Make-ups October 1, 2007

Filed under: TV & Movies — NYU WIC @ 2:00 am

greys-anatomy.pngGrey’s Anatomy is still the hottest show for us women. This season, the Seattle Grace interns are back, only they are no longer interns! The new residents have interns of their own! Except for George, who failed his test and has to re-do his whole intern year all over again. Even more heart-breaking is the fact that nobody is in love anymore! Burke is M.I.A., Derek and Meredith are on the rocks, Izzy and George don’t speak… even Alex lost his long-time fling with the patient named ‘Ava’. We don’t know why everyone is alone this season, but we do have a good feeling that there is going to be a whole lot of make-up sex, which we are unashamed to announce that we are looking forward to.

— Alana Taylor


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