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Internship Insider: Introduction to R/GA October 1, 2007

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As the internet continues to change the way people think, act and interact, most media and advertising companies struggle to make sense of the segmented, democratized, and technologically advanced tsunami that is the web era. R/GA, an interactive advertising company, is one of the few businesses that has not only survived the digitization of our lives, but thrives in the new environment, and dominates its competition.




I stumbled across an internship posting for R/GA this summer, after I had spent the previous year without an internship, traumatized from my infamous semester at Teen Vogue. Even with an enthusiastic hiring by R/GA’s HR, I just couldn’t ignore the voice in my head whispering that I should prepare for the worst. It turned out, however, that interning at R/GA was one of the most professionally and emotionally rewarding internships that I have experienced. The team I found myself assisting was in the midst of launching a new, unified website for cosmetic giant L’Oréal Paris. I also realized that my mentors were the most intelligent, confident, funny and sexy group of people in corporate America, which made working there even more fun. After the summer, I continued my internship into this semester. Every day, I learn so much about innovative advertising, the importance of collaboration, and the kind of person I would like to be.




 R/GA is the first ‘Lit Up’ Internship Insider. Each day this week, a post will feature a certain aspect of the L’Oréal Paris team. At the end of the week, you can see the entire profile by clicking the Internship Insider category on the right side of the screen. 




I hope you find this informative and inspiring. 


– Kristen Dolle

(Photo Courtesy of Betsy Kershner)


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