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Dove Releases New Anti-Beauty Industry Ad October 1, 2007

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Following the success of Evolution, which shows the tremedous amount of airbrushing and tweaking it takes to turn an average model into the beautiful woman we see in an advertisement,  Onslaught takes it a step further. This video is intense. It starts with an innocent little girl and then suddenly cuts to the hundreds of advertisements we’re bombarded with every day telling us how to be “younger, smaller, tighter, thinner.”


This commercial is heartbreaking because of how true it can be. It’s all too easy for a young, impressionable girl to get caught up in the ideal of beauty that’s thrown in her face every day. What do you think?

–Kristen O’Gorman


One Response to “Dove Releases New Anti-Beauty Industry Ad”

  1. wiclitup Says:

    The first two videos I saw relating to this campaign were a commercial about airbrushing a model to make her beautiful, and then of the paraody that ‘keeps it real’ by making a male model into a fat slob.

    I actually hadn’t seen the commercial Kristen O’G posted until today. The collection of these videos articulates the struggle that many of us critical, fashionable, and ambitious WIC women face. While I actually enjoy the beatiful ‘people’ in the media, I have to admit that even though I know how fake it is (or how artistic it is), I still struggle with issues of self esteem and insecurity at times. And this is because I, like all of us, was that little girl is the first video, submersed in an environment of sex, skinny and stupidity. Dove’s point in this commercial cannot be denied. Even if children are informed of the fantasticity of the media, they are being socialized in a world where these images and notions are the norm, which will ultimately make the greatest impression. I know that I was greatly affected by the media, and at least I had some women to look up to from people on the original Real World’s to Nickelodeon’s Linda Ellerby to MTV’s Daria… I can only imagine how a child must feel being socialized in a world that glorifies behavior seen on ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Hills.’ The reason I wanted to get involved with the media was to provide at least an alternate dialog for children to experience. I think it’s important that, as women going into communications fields, we keep our ethical consciences strong and try to make a difference in the world because this Dove Ad is actually the reality that most of us face.

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