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Accessories to ‘Fall’ Head Over Heels For October 1, 2007

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With the advent of October, autumn has finally arrived. It seems that as soon as the leaves become crisp, we girls are tempted to throw away our summer tank tops in exchange for the adorable sweater we just couldn’t resist buying back in July. Nonetheless, the weather is still a bit too warm to be walking to class covered in winter layers. I’ve already seen too many girls looking ridiculous in Uggs, legwarmers, and fur coats this season. Have patience- winter will be here soon enough. In the meantime, here’s how to indulge your winter fashion cravings while staying chic in these cool yet sunny days.



Scarves:   Go for ethnic, colorful and original. Cover up a low-cut shirt by wrapping a square scarf loosely around your neck, à la Balenciaga’s Fall 2007 collection. They won’t overheat you, but they will protect you from the cool autumn breeze. If you do get too warm, take it off and tie it around the straps of your bag or put it in your hair. Unlike sunglasses and bags, you’re less likely to see someone walking around with the same scarf as you in the same way.


boots.pngBoots:   And I don’t mean Uggs. Now’s the time to look sexy in your suede or leather boots before the snow renders them un-wearable. Neutral colors compliment the shade and style of any fall outfit. Taller boots spice up a casual outfit for class; but they are also fantastic to wear out at night when you don’t feel like limping around in heels. Wear them tucked into skinny jeans or paired with a dress that falls to the top of the knee.

– Tara Andreas


3 Responses to “Accessories to ‘Fall’ Head Over Heels For”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Awesome article and so true! I love those boots in that picture…super cute with skinny jeans!

  2. Cassy Says:

    Are uggz really out??!!

  3. Tara Andreas Says:

    No, I just don’t believe they are appropriate for the fall weather. I mean, is it logical to be walking around with an inch of fur covering your entire foot ankle and calf in 70 degree weather? And despite how cute they are, is it really worth the sweat? I also think that leather/suede boots are so much more original and sexy.

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